Dental braces straighten misaligned teeth giving patients the bright, beautiful smile they deserve. We offer dental braces children and adults can be satisfied with, so contact Lovett Dental Pearland today to learn more about our specialty dental services in South Houston. We can get you or your child on the path to a healthier smile.

dental braces tx, girl with glasses grinning with bracesHow Your Orthodontist Can Help

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry concerned with straightening teeth, correcting problems with bite, closing gaps, and proper alignment. Braces are the most common device used to address these issues. Often, it is children and adolescents most in need of braces. Since their adult teeth are new, sometimes issues can arise with spacing. If you or your child is experiencing crowding of teeth in the mouth or gaps, then consulting with your dentist is necessary.

However, braces aren’t just for children. Many adults need them as well since over the years their teeth may have slowly shifted. Also, past tooth removal or procedure may have affected alignment. There are also some adults who never got the treatment they needed as children for their teeth. Whatever the reason, misalignment puts you at an increased risk of gum disease. Thus, it’s important to make sure your teeth are where they need to be. An overbite or underbite can make chewing and swallowing difficult. Because of this difficulty, sometimes individuals will compensate by changing how they eat leading to other issues. Don’t let settle for half-measures. You smile is something you want for your life so take care of it today.

Types of Dental Braces You Can Get at Lovett Dental Pearland

Once you and your dentist determine you or your child needs braces, you must discuss the types of braces available. Knowing the options available to you or your loved one is important. For a child or adolescent, being involved in this process gives a sense of control, making the process less daunting for them. When most of us hear the word ‘braces’ we think of metal brackets attached to your teeth. However, over the years many different kinds of braces have been developed such as ceramic clear braces, lingual braces placed completely behind your teeth, and invisible braces, or aligner trays, are taken on and off throughout the day.

The point is, you or your child will have options. Whatever style you choose, you will have to have your braces adjusted from time to time. The typical length of time dental braces are used for is between six months and 30 months. The types of dental braces available vary depending on the patient.

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Our expert dental staff understands how important having straight teeth is. Lovett Dental Pearland knows being self-conscious about your teeth can affect your confidence and self-esteem. For children, it is socially daunting having crooked or crowded teeth at such a young age. Thus, alongside our specialty dental services, we offer:

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