You may wonder how you can improve your smile. Whether you are self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth or simply interested in how to fix a minor imperfection in your smile, dental veneers may be what you need.

At Lovett Dental Pearland, our cosmetic dental services can not only fix your smile but also improve your general oral health. Our team of dental professionals ensures that each patient is comfortable throughout all procedures. One of the most popular options is dental veneers, giving people the beautiful smiles they’ve always wanted.

dental veneers tx, animation of veneer being put on toothWhat Are Dental Veneers?

Simply put, dental veneers are used to cover your teeth. You can use dental veneers as a possible solution for common issues such as teeth with gaps or are misshapen or chipped.

At times, dental veneers are also called dental porcelain laminates or porcelain veneers. Because they are very thin and custom-designed to exactly fit the patient’s mouth, dental veneers look and feel like natural teeth. That’s just one of the many benefits of dental veneers from Lovett Dental Pearland.

Why Consider Veneers?

Because they are natural in appearance, stain-resistant, and don’t require extensive shaping before application, getting dental veneers can be an attractive option. If your natural teeth happen to be chipped, broken, or worn down, then this is an excellent option to explore. Also, veneers can cover or fill gaps between teeth due to shifting or past tooth removal.

There’s no reason you must settle for misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth. Dental veneers cover imperfections and can prevent further damage from developing. However, the most common reason patients get veneers is tooth discoloration. Stains from drinking coffee, tea, sodas, or energy drinks can cause discoloration. Often, this discoloration is a yellowing of your tooth’s enamel and is uneven across your teeth. A thin porcelain veneer over several or just one tooth can restore balance and uniformity to your smile. Because they can last for up to fifteen years, veneers can be a sensible way to revitalize your smile.

Applying Dental Veneers

There are at least three steps to the application process. Initially, you’ll consult with your dentist. During this meeting, you’ll discuss which of your teeth you want to be treated with and the kind of veneer that would work best. With this decision, your dentist will begin the process of creating the veneer. Usually, an examination occurs as an impression of your mouth, and x-rays are taken. Some dental offices even use digital imaging technology to make the most precise veneer possible. The time to construct your veneers will be anywhere from two to four weeks.

You’ll have another appointment with your dentist to fit the veneers over your natural teeth. There will be some reshaping of your tooth’s surface to guarantee a proper fit. Your dentist and hygienist use great care and patience during this stage, ensuring not just the right fit but the correct color. When properly positioned, a special laser will harden the cement bonding the veneer to your tooth. You or your dentist might want to schedule some follow-up appointments to ensure your mouth is responding well. However, the entire process is usually quick and almost entirely pain-free.

Choose Lovett Dental Pearland to Improve Your Smile

Aside from dental veneers, Lovett Dental Pearland provides dental implants and teeth whitening. Our dental services allow you to make sure you have the exact smile you desire. Also, our experienced and compassionate staff cares about your well-being and satisfaction. Contact us today by calling 281-416-5844 or completing our secure online form. The smile you’ve always wanted is possible, so reach out to our Lovett Dental Pearland team today.