Dentures are a valuable tool for helping people maintain their dental health after they have lost teeth. You may experience tooth loss due to cavities and infections, age, trauma to the mouth, gum infection, or other conditions. Dentures allow you to eat, drink and talk normally. In many cases, people do not even realize that you are wearing dentures at all.

How do Dentures Help Your Dental Health?pair of lower dentures

It is hard to do a lot of your normal activities when you are missing your teeth. You may have difficulties with chewing or end up embarrassed because your smile has holes in it. Your jaw may end up out of alignment due to the missing teeth, or you could encounter other problems because of it.

Dentures are removable false teeth that replace the missing ones. You can easily put them in and take them out of your mouth as needed to ensure that you have a comfortable experience. They have a base designed to fit into your mouth and accommodate both full tooth replacement and partial ones. Dentures look as natural as possible and require an adjustment period. Generally, you wear dentures during the day and take them out at night.

Types of Dentures Available at Lovett Dental Pearland

Dentures come in a few options:

  • Immediate full denture: You get this type of denture right after all your teeth get extracted. This is a temporary denture and stays with you until your mouth has completely healed from the extractions that took place.
  • Conventional full denture: Once you have recovered from the procedure, you get upgraded to a conventional denture.
  • Partial denture: You do not need to have all of your teeth extracted to benefit from dentures. A partial option has a frame made out of metal. It attaches to existing teeth in your mouth, in some cases using crowns to connect. It is similar to a bridge, but you can remove it from your mouth.

Our expert dentists will help you get the right option for your long-term comfort and dental health.

Wearing Dentures

Dentures restore a lot of functionality to your mouth, but that does not mean that you will adjust right away. You have just gone through a major dental procedure, so it is normal to feel uncomfortable and awkward during this period. Your mouth needs to adjust to keeping your dentures in and using them to chew your food. It may also be difficult to talk with dentures at the start of wearing them.

When you take your dentures out, you need to ensure that they stay wet. They are always designed to be moist, and allowing them to dry out can cause major issues. You can opt for a special denture soak or use water instead.

Replacing Dentures

Dentures do not last forever. They are delicate and may need adjustments over the years as your mouth changes. There are a few replacement options. Relining means that the lining between the denture and your gums is replaced. The rest of the denture stays the same. Rebased creates an entirely new base to accommodate for any changes in your mouth. Or, you could need to have it completely remade due to changes or damage.

Getting dentures provides you with a great way to regain function in your mouth and eat and talk comfortably. Feel free to ask whether you would benefit from dentures by calling Lovett Dental Pearland at 281-416-5844 today.