Lovett Dental Pearland offers specialty dental services to handle all of your dental needs. We provide a range of restorative dental services that address missing teeth, damaged teeth, or problems with your gums. Whether you have tooth decay or gum disease, we can treat your dental concerns.

Our dental specialist services offer quality care from board-certified dental hygienists. Our clinic provides a warm and caring environment where you can relax while undergoing dental treatment. We utilize advanced technology and methods to ensure we complete every job with outstanding results.

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Not all oral medical conditions are the same. As such, you may need specialized treatment for your particular issue. At Lovett Dental Pearland, we have a specialty dentist with extensive experience with your particular dental issue.

We provide a range of specialty dental services, including:

Dental Implants

Dental specialist services include using dental implants to replace missing teeth from cavities or injury. An implant is a metal post made of titanium. We insert the post into your jawbone. We then top the post with a replacement crown. Dental implants fill the gap in your teeth without relying on the adjacent teeth. It is a more permanent solution to replacing a tooth.


We can treat inflammatory diseases that can tear down your gums and other supporting tissues around your teeth through dental specialist services. Through periodontal treatment, we can prevent, diagnose, and treat gum disease at all stages. We utilize the latest techniques and equipment for helping you with periodontal disease.

Root Canal Work

If you experience pain while chewing, you may have an abscessed tooth or a similar condition. As a result, the area around the tooth can become infected. We can treat your tooth using a standard root canal procedure. Root canal work involves removing the bacteria from the infected areas and then shaping & filling the open space.

General Pediatric Dentistry

Our specialty dental services also include pediatric dentistry. This type of specialty dentist comprehensive services, including oral exams, cleanings, and treatment for cavities. We provide ongoing care from the age of one through the adolescent years.

Orthodontics & Braces

As your child develops, it may be time to fit them with a set of braces. We offer both metal braces and transparent ceramic braces. Braces are a long-term solution for ensuring that your child’s teeth grow straight. While braces are a bit uncomfortable for your child, they will love the results after removing the braces.

Sedation & Dental Anxiety

You may have developed a phobia toward scheduling specialty dental services. For this reason, we offer a variety of techniques that help you stay relaxed or sedated during our procedures. So, if you have a low pain threshold or fear of dental work, let us help ease your dental anxiety.

At Lovett Dental Pearland, each of our specialty dental services is designed to meet your particular needs. Whether you need some basic work or a more extensive procedure, each specialty dentist has the goal to preserve your teeth’s function and appearance. Regardless of your condition, there is a treatment plan available for you at Lovett Dental Pearland.

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We also offer a variety of other services, including:

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