Sometimes as part of your oral health regimen, you may need dental bonding. Dental bonding may be necessary to ensure you have a beautiful, healthy smile, and it can be a less expensive alternative to other methods for tooth repair and restructuring. Dental bonding is an option for people who want to have a brighter smile or problem areas with their teeth. Maybe you’re not familiar with this cosmetic procedure; if not, let’s take a closer look at how this process works.

patient about to get dental bonding pearland txWhy You Should Get Dental Bonding at Lovett Dental Pearland

Dental bonding is the process of correcting a chipped, cracked, or discolored tooth by applying a thin layer of composite resin over the tooth. The color of the resin matches your current teeth, thereby making it look very realistic.

When considering dental bonding, you might first ask yourself why a person would need or want this process. That is an important question to answer. Dental bonding is great for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons you may consider dental bonding:

  • You have a cracked, chipped, or damaged tooth.
  • Your teeth are stained.
  • You have wide gaps between some teeth that you want to close.
  • You want to change the structure or shape of your teeth.

As you can see, there are several reasons a person may choose to get dental bonding. If you have one of the above conditions, you may be thinking, how can dental bonding correct this problem? Understanding how dental bonding works will give you an idea of how it can help with these issues.

What Is The Process For Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a simple procedure that usually doesn’t require any anesthesia. The dentist will determine the proper color for the composite resin agent. Then he or she roughen up your teeth so that the liquid application will stick better. A liquid is applied that is like glue. It allows the composite resin to adhere to it, which is then shaped appropriately over your teeth. Then the dentist uses ultraviolet light to harden the resin so that it bonds in place immediately.

Obtaining dental bonding is a wonderful way to reclaim your smile if you’re struggling with discolored teeth or a broken, chipped tooth. Furthermore, if you have large gaps between your teeth that you don’t like, this will solve it. Some people may have one tooth that is shorter than another tooth. This will help extend the tooth and allow you to have a uniform appearance when you smile.

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