Restorative dentistry is the dental specialty designed to address damaged and missing teeth. The goal is to restore your dental health and provide solutions for improving your smile. Our restorative dentistry services at Lovett Dental Pearland in Texas are comprehensive enough to handle many of the most challenging situations. Dental restoration can transform your smile using our innovative solutions.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

restorative-dentistryRestorative dentistry has the goal of restoring your smile. That may mean replacing missing teeth or putting in fixtures to hold your teeth in place. Our goal is always to learn as much as we can about the existing structure of your teeth and find the best artificial tooth replacement or other solution for you. Dental restoration is always an individualized process to meet your specific goals.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Restoration?

Why invest in restorative dentistry? There are a few key reasons for doing so, including:

  • Improve your smile
  • Reduce the risk of early tooth decay of existing teeth
  • Minimize the risk of teeth shifting out of place improperly
  • Improve your biting and chewing ability
  • Ensure the best long-term outcome

Which Restorative Dentistry Services Are Right for You?

Our Lovett Dental Pearland team will work closely with you to determine what type of dental procedure is best for your needs. We first take into consideration your oral health. For example, you may need to have decayed teeth removed or to have gums treated for periodontal disease before dental restoration can occur. Then, we will make recommendations for the best restorative dentistry services for your needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Dental Implants: As the gold standard for tooth replacement in many situations, dental implants can be one of the first choices. These are anchored into the jawbone to create extensive strength and durability, allowing you to chew normally.
  • Dental Crowns: Crowns are versatile. They can be placed as a component of a bridge between two teeth, used to top a dental implant, or even placed over the top of a slightly damaged tooth to protect it. They look natural and function as a normal tooth.
  • Dental Bridges: Bridges work to close up an opening between two teeth where one has been removed. They are anchored by the teeth on either side of the gap and can be a long-lasting solution.
  • Dentures: For those who are missing more than one tooth, dentures can be an excellent choice. Partial or full dentures are an option. Our restorative dentistry team offers several styles that can improve your smile in various ways.
  • Dental Veneers: Another type of application we can use to improve the look of your smile is dental veneers. This type of dental restoration helps to cover up stains and other surface problems with a thin film fitted over the tooth.

What Can You Expect from Dental Restoration at Lovett Dental Pearland?

Ready to improve your smile? To do so, schedule a consultation at our Pearland, Texas office with our team to learn more about restorative dentistry services. You’ll have a full set of x-rays, and an exam completed to give you an idea of which of these or other treatments may work for you. We can also work with you on other concerns you have, such as gum health and tooth decay. The sooner you take a step towards healing, the better for your smile.

Improve Your Smile – Call Lovett Dental Pearland Today

Our restorative dentistry services are designed to make your smile the best it can be. All you have to do is schedule a consultation with our restorative dentistry team to start the process. Even if you’re unsure what type of dental restoration may help you, our team at Lovett Dental Pearland in Texas is happy to offer ideas and solutions. Call our office at 281-416-5844 to schedule a consultation.