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Lovett Dental Pearland provides cosmetic dentistry offering a diverse and full range of services that can enhance your smile and improve the appearance of your teeth. We keep up to date with advanced treatment and modern techniques to restore your teeth to their original state.

If your teeth are heavily stained, damaged, or poorly aligned, then you may be a candidate for cosmetic dentistry, which is quick, easy, and affordable. To find out more about your treatment options, contact us today at 281-416-5844 and schedule a free consultation.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry at Lovett Dental Pearland

Our cosmetic dentistry encompasses an extensive range of dental work, including:

  • Teeth Whitening: One of the fastest ways to revive your enamel is teeth whitening with cosmetic dentistry. We apply whitening solutions to your teeth, allow them to sit for a few minutes, rinse them off, and complete the procedure. We do it as many times as it takes to get your teeth looking white again. Most sessions last two hours or less.
  • Dental Bonding: Once you chip or crack a tooth, you leave it vulnerable to more damage. It is also quite painful. We use dental bonding to repair your teeth and hide any chipped or cracked areas. Filling bonds can match your teeth for a cohesive look. You can get dental bonding in the front teeth or back.
  • Dental Veneers: If you want to mask flaws in your teeth completely, we recommend dental veneers. We bond thin, sculpted porcelain shells over the front of your tooth. The shells are stain-resistant, sturdy, and attractive. They cover up short teeth, chips, crooked teeth, stains, or gaps in your teeth.
  • Braces: When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, braces are among the most popular types of tooth correction. They ensure that your child’s teeth correctly develop as they get older. Braces have a long-lasting effect on how well your child’s teeth look and function into adulthood.

Why You Should Choose Cosmetic Dentistry with Lovett Dental Pearland

If you are not happy with how your teeth currently look, a cosmetic dentist at Lovett Dental Pearland can help you get the vibrant smile you have always wanted. There are numerous benefits to cosmetic procedures such as:

  • Restoring your teeth to a whiter color
  • Removing tough stains from beverages or smoking
  • Filling in the gaps between your teeth – especially in the front
  • Masking or correcting crooked teeth that developed over time
  • Leveling out short teeth with other teeth in the bottom or top row

Although many of these dental conditions naturally develop as you get older, you do not have to live with them forever. You also don’t have to deal with the shame or embarrassment of having imperfect teeth or a crooked smile.

A cosmetic dentist offers a solution that will improve the look of your teeth. You will feel better about taking pictures, smiling in social situations, or going to work each day. Lovett Dental Pearland is here to help you with all of your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Are you a candidate for cosmetic dentistry? Find out now by contacting Lovett Dental Pearland. Come to our dental office for a free consultation with one of our dentists. We can go over our dental services, answer your questions, and discuss the best solutions for you. Cosmetic surgery is painless, easy, and inexpensive. Plus, you will love how your teeth look.

To find out more about cosmetic dentistry, call Lovett Dental Pearland at 281-416-5844. We are your preferred dental clinic in Pearland, Houston, and the surrounding area.