how to prevent tooth decay, person holding jaw

How to Prevent Tooth Decay

The importance of knowing how to prevent tooth decay can’t be overstated. Perhaps the most important reason to regularly schedule appointments with your dentist is to prevent tooth decay from happening to you or a loved one. Why is tooth decay such a concern? Your oral health can suffer when the signs of tooth decay…

doctor describes common types of oral surgeries

4 Common Types of Oral Surgeries

Along with general dentistry, there are many specialists who can help you maintain a beautiful smile throughout your life. Oral surgeons spend twelve years preparing to diagnose and treat complex oral conditions. When necessary, they surgically remove impacted teeth, perform root canals, and conduct delicate reconstructive surgeries. At Lovett Dental Pearland, you’ll find capable hands…

child and parent high-fiving after finding a pediatric dental office

How to Choose a Pediatric Dental Office

Are you looking for a pediatric dental office? At Lovett Denta Pearland, we offer premier pediatric dentistry in Houston, Texas.  Our patient staff and dentists relate to children on their level and ensure that your child understands that we’re only here to help. Choosing the right children’s dentist can make the difference between a lifetime…

woman receiving adult orthodontics

3 Benefits of Adult Orthodontic Services

At Lovett Dental Pearland, we offer adult orthodontic services to help realign your teeth using braces or clear aligner trays. When you meet with an orthodontist for your consultation, they can recommend the right dental treatment for your lifestyle. There are many benefits to adult orthodontics, including cosmetic and functional considerations. 3 Benefits of Adult…